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                   Jaguar XK180 Reproductions

Performance and Specifications

Who Better to Track Test a British Supercar than TopGear?

Concept Car or Track Ready SVO Roadster?

What, me be gentle??

Track testing to 180MPH

The XK180 was built not as a static concept car, but to be a track ready roadster capable of reaching near supercar performance. It was after all, Keith Helfet and Gary Albrightson's follow on work to the XJ220.

The highly modified XKR donor became shorter, lighter, more powerful and had much improved suspension, weight distribution and handling. The design goal was for the XK180 to achieve 180MPH, much as its namesake forebears (XK120, XK140 and XK150) could reach 120MPH, 140MPH and 150MPH.

While no clear documentation exists that the car did reach that speed, it underwent track testing to meet that goal.

In May 1999, the XK180 participated in a 50th Anniversary Rally on the same closed course at Jabbeke to commemorate the XK series accomplishments.

Detailed Specifications