Coventry Cats, Ltd

                   Jaguar XK180 Reproductions

Enjoy the Experience!

We are a group of professional enthusiasts, experienced in the marque and in building custom cars for discerning buyers.

We can build a complete car for you, or provide you with a bare body on frame for you to complete on your own.

The first step in the process is to contact us and discuss the type and level of finished car you would like to obtain. This means that we will help you understand and select the options available as to which type donor (XK8 or XKR) to start with, the materials for the body, the level of interior finish (period race track or modern touring), and tire and wheel package. The level of detail and finish is highly customizable.

Based on this we will develop a custom quote for you.

Once you have selected, purchased and shipped a donor car to us, (either on your own or through us), and provided a deposit, we will begin work on the chassis and start building the body panels. We will photo document the work and share it with you throughout the process.

When work is complete, you will have the opportunity to test the car prior to delivery.